Just right

Is our love extraordinary?

A game changer, something new?

I know it is for me,

I know you think so too.

I feel blessed that it’s happened to us,

Special that we’ve seen this light.

For I know many never will,

I mourn their lonely plight.

For it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had,

Each nerve, each tract of channelled emotion.

A gut full of butterflies set to burst,

Or a feeling of waters awash in motion.

The physical brought about by love,

Feelings from way off afar.

Can make our bodies react so much,

The pounding beating of hearts.

But that’s nothing to what we both felt,

When we held each other tight.

That to me is what’s extraordinary,

How together we feel just right.


4 thoughts on “Just right

  1. I cannot wait to feel your pounding heart my love
    To be in your arms so tight
    To nuzzle against your neck
    To kiss your beautiful mouth
    To squeeze your cute tush…
    This is a beautiful, romantic poem. Thank you for writing it for me sweetheart. Your writing astounds! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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