Carved In Stone With My Daddy

Twelve more?

Maybe eleven…

(I’m counting on my fingers, but I only have 10 fingers!)

Until I get to see you Daddy!

Until we can play and have fun

I am so excited that instead of butterflies

It feels like I have shooting stars in my tummy!!!💫💫

And they are flying around touching everything on my insides

Even my special places Daddy

It’s like I’m blasting off!!!

I can’t wait to snuggle up Daddy…

Snuggle and cuddle

Cuddle and snuggle

Snuggling with you is the bestest feeling in the entire world

I love you so much Daddy! So so so so so so so so much!

I can’t wait to show you how much…

I have so many things to show you when you come!

You are:

The #1 bestest Daddy in the whole wide world

And in outer space too

And that includes all of the other planets…

Especially uranus

Hehehehehehehe 😂

Did you get it Daddy? The name of the planet?

Oops…I almost forgot about the…black….hole….



I want us and our love to be carved in stone

So when you come…can we get some stone and carve our love together?

via Daily Prompt: Carve

One thought on “Carved In Stone With My Daddy

  1. Hehehe
    With just two fingers you’ll blast off into space.
    Your daddy’s fingers in your special place.
    Not long now, just eleven days.
    Then my love into each other’s eyes we’ll gaze.
    I love you my Angel 😇😇😇
    With all my heart ❤❤❤

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