Daily Prompt: Carve

I want to carve our names into the tree of eternity.

I want to mark our love there eternally.

I want the world to know about you and me.

How we gave our hearts, set them free.

I want to carve our names into each others skin.

I want to mark ourselves as each others twin.

I want all to see our love come from within.

How our love pours forth over the brim.

I want to carve our names into stone.

I want to mark down you and me as each other owned.

I want to build our love like wonders from aeons ago.

How sweet it’d be to let generations know.

That in the past a boy and his girl.

Met their match from across the world.

They pulled together with a bond so strong.

That nothing could stop no matter how wrong.

They came together at first in sin.

But that gave way to let light in.

In which they basked for all their days.

In which they loved, in which they stayed.

via Daily Prompt: Carve

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