My Fear?

I fear that I might break you my toy

That in my exuberance I may just employ

A little too much force here or there

You might pull something, possibly tear

I fear I might hurt you my slave

That whilst you’re tied and I’m being depraved

A slash of my belt might burn too deep

That my little Angel may cry, may weep

I fear I might burn you my love

That the Devil will be closer than those from above

That we together may just lose our souls

As wanton lust swallows us whole

I fear all these things above you see

The things you bring forth from within your Beast

The need he has to dominate you

The need I have for all this to come true


One thought on “My Fear?

  1. Is it my tear that you fear?
    Or is it my tear that you want?
    Typing this poem…is kinda, sorta a taunt
    A creative expression…
    One that leaves an impression
    Not just on my mind
    But perhaps on my skin too
    Licensing that which is artistic
    Your tongue on my cunt is very linguistic
    Poems that invoke
    The past bespoke
    I say…take your belt!
    Do your worst
    I will balance on the line
    Between pain and pleasure
    Yes, I am flexible
    So pick a cavity
    I want to feel your depravity


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