Letter to my Love

To My Beloved,

We started this blog to share ourselves. To express ourselves. And what a Brilliant platform WordPress has given us! Your poems and poetry are, quite simply put, magnificent. Your mind never ceases to amaze me. The love that you have for me never ceases to amaze me either! The way you craft each and every poem is truly Brilliant. (not to mention the way you craft your short stories…and well…even just your emails to me! Each word you write to and for me is gold!) You…my sweet delicious man…are the poet between the two of us. I just sorta try and keep up…but your writing slays! SLAYS!

I thank my lucky stars that we met, that we’ve fallen so deeply for one another. I also thank WordPress because we met here. As amazing as it sounds to anyone I tell…I met the love of my existence on a blog! Lol…it’s true!! The chances of us finding one another were in the millions, if not trillions. When I think about the odds…it is simply staggering.

You feed my soul. Nurture my life. I cannot imagine living without you. I can’t live without you. You are my other half. My mirror, indeed. Beauty does sometimes mirror beastly things in life. There is a beauty and a beast inside both of us and I love exploring them with you. 😉

You are the hottest piece of male ass on this planet. And although we live so very far apart, and have so many obstacles between us….

Somehow we have connected in a profound way. A Brilliant way. We belong to each other, and always will. No matter what.

I wish everyone in the world could experience the love, trust, and friendship that we share between us.

I am forever yours.


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

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