‘Will you come back and see me again?’


It felt so important

To ask you

But the moment I did

I regretted it

The words were typed

They became…Viable

But then life got in our way



Work schedules



Flashing neon reminders

Oh those sneaky sidewinders!

Venomous mood crushers, indeed

Possibilities at once became impossibilities




The pain of awareness…

Of our circumstance

Coursed through me entirely

But I am clinging to you beast

Clinging to us

To our dreams

More than you realize

More than you know

My love for you is undeniable

Even if seeing you in person more often isn’t Viable

I will still make love to you every night

Whether you are physically next to me or not

Forever is forever

I love you with all my heart


via Daily Prompt: Viable

3 thoughts on “‘Will you come back and see me again?’

  1. We will make viable,
    We will create viable,
    We will move heaven and earth to do so.
    We are viable,
    Will always be viable,
    And I will do all in my power to make you know.
    That our love is viable,
    Forever for us is viable,
    And we will hold each other as often as we like.
    Cos our strength is viable,
    Being in each others arms is viable,
    And one day that’ll be every single night.

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