The Wall

Slide me to the edge

And fold me down

I fall in line

I stay in line

When exactly did I become…

Uncomfortable and numb?

Plucking at the thick air

Whipping my hair

I live for the music

Until you’re near

Then I live for you

I’m dreaming today

A day-dream

About that bed

About that edge

About your mouth

My heart just let out a gasp

Impossible to Stifle

“I miss you Beast”

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

My Ashes Scattered

Your hand Stifles my moan

The words I would speak

My body’s song

Now I am lying in wait

For your return

My face to the sky

Absorbing its downpour

The dust is settling

Or is it pieces of me, of you?

That I feel…

Crashing down

Like those waves

Pretending we are the mavericks

Pretending that we are the swell

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Stifling Our Need

Sliding back and forth

Through life…

Through love

I’ll make you gently weep

While we listen to the guitar

Music from the dresser

Two naughty evils, but never the lesser

My sweetness eases

Friction for our releases

I’ve such a warm snatch to Stifle

The hard ridge of your….rifle

Galloping a grind

Frees the mind

Of all but one thought

For our bodies have needs

And so we’ll do these dirty deeds

Over and again

Again and over

Until our pleasures become our pains…

Until…we can no longer

Until…nothing remains

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Snowy Sec(g)rets

Fluffy white staring at us

Then back down

The chill has moved

It covers me now

Watching you

Watch the waves

I close my eyes

And I am a child again

A tourist in my hometown

An inkling pulls my hair to the east

Its whisper of promises

To be shared, to be kept

Pressed against you now

Stepping inside

I am finally free

And the egret

So elegant, so refined

Observing us two

Keeps our secret

via Daily Prompt: Inkling

Indisputable Love

The bow sways

Our journey met with motion

From the bay not the ocean

I stop to sit

And gather

All my questions

That have no answers…

I could throw them away

These questions…

Right now

In a flash!

The hot kind…

My melting flesh,

My wet dreams

Could take them out to sea…

Oh…but how I love you!

My beautiful man

My sweet Beast

How I love us!

This love Inscrutable

Holding me, holding us

Our passion irrefutable

It’s that

Moment when you enter me

That I enter you


Suddenly…in a hot….flash!

It all makes sense

And I can see clearly

The answers

To all those questions

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable


My heart is a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Missing just one piece.

The prison with just one inmate.

Waiting for release.

My heart is a great big maze.

In which I had gotten lost.

A stormy open tumoltuous sea.

Upon which my boat is tossed.

But whilst all this happens.

You hold me to whisper “It’s okay.”

You put all the wrongs to right.

You bring renewal each and every day.

And for this renewal I thankyou.

For you words, thoughts, and your deeds.

For these my Beauty I thankyou.

For lifting me up off my knees.

I Don’t Dance

I don’t dance particularly well.

A dance you might say, is my vision of hell.

I don’t dance on feet as light as air.

I dance like a beast, heavy from his lair.

When I have you my Beauty, held in my arms.

I feel like I’d dance like the prince with the charms.

When I have you my Beauty, between my sheets.

I’ll dance like the wind that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Daily Prompt: Blink (If You Blink)

If you blink, you’ll miss it.

If you think, it’ll be gone.

React! if you want it.

Just fucking act upon!

If you blink, you’ll regret it.

Don’t be too slow to take what’s yours.

For opportunities don’t often come.

Knocking twice upon your door.


I’m glad I acted as soon as I saw you my Beauty… I reacted and won the love of my life.


via Daily Prompt: Blink