Everyone is Beautiful

Everyone is beautiful, in their own way.

Even Donald Trump, must have a saving grace.

Everyone is beautiful, inside out or otherwise.

Some people try hide it, in some strange disguise.

But not everyone is as beautiful.

As beautiful as you.

You have more grace than I can comprehend.

You couldn’t hide it if you’d choose.

So Thankyou for gracing me with your beauty.

Thankyou for letting me see.

And Thankyou for seeing the beauty.

Hiding deep within me.

Daily Prompt: Entertain (I wanted to be happy)

I decided I wanted to be happy.

The day that I chose you.

Sure it’s been hard at times,

But some things ya gotta do.

I won’t entertain a life without us,

I won’t ever consider that because,

I’m your soulmate, you are mine,

Each other’s true happiness in our lives.

I decided I wanted to be happy.

The day that I chose you.

And that happiness through love.

Just grew and grew and grew.


I love you my Beauty, Thankyou for letting me choose you.


via Daily Prompt: Entertain


I let the saliva run from my mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er your clit.

I rub the head of my cock over and in,

Lubricating it.

I slip into your pussy’s warmth,

Easily, as we’re so wet.

Oh how good each inch feels,

Hotter the deeper it gets.

Slowly we consummate our union,

Feeling the love in our sex.

Slowly we build the passion,

Readying for what comes next.

Steadily our natural rhythm,

Finds pleasure as we glide.

Steadily our breathes quicken,

Thrusting wrapped in your thighs.

Suddenly as the feeling within.

Let’s lust pour into your core.

You too let out a cry of the purest joy,

Shuddering from faith restored.

You let the saliva run from your mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er my cock.

And then as it merges with our sex,

You lick up and swallow the lot.



Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to be seen.

Months have passed by since our last kiss,

A time I’ve learned to accept as routine.

But I’m here now,

Just yards from your tender touch.

Can’t they just let me through?

Am I really asking too much?

Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to seen.

Months have passed since our last kiss.

It’s these last seconds that kill me.


Pinch myself

Statistically, what have we done?

Won the fucking lottery fourteen million to one.

Have we found the needle in the haystack?

Won the championship back to back.

What is the likelihood of us finding our love?

Are the odds longer than all of the above?

Statistically we couldn’t have, it shouldn’t happen, no way!

And that is why I pinch myself, every single day.