Painful Phantoms

A coronary-outbreak

Helped us to break out

A pulsing reformation of passionate dreams

Side to side, leaving no streaks…

A clean glass for looking

And what we saw, was each other

It’s the memories we Cherish

Of you and me

Covertly covered

Yet, somehow completely free

Our cold breath had revealed phantom pains

That our dissipated bodies warmed away

via Daily Prompt: Cherish

3 thoughts on “Painful Phantoms

  1. I’m no ghost
    I have flesh, I have form
    And I re-dreamt the nights
    Every night since we swore
    Since we swore to cherish
    Each moment we’ve had
    Each moment together
    That made us so glad
    So happy to have experienced
    Pure love in all forms
    The opportunity to share
    What so many would scorn
    As impossible to realise
    Implausible at best
    But we managed with each other
    We’ve been truly blessed
    So have no fear
    For a spook I am not
    And like me sweet beauty
    Cherish all that we’ve got

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      I LOVE YOU!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋

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