Ride me

Pluck me from obscurity.

Let me shine in your light.

Fuck me with the surety.

That we’ll go all fucking night.

Ride me like a hobby horse.

Get your juvenile thrill.

Babygirl humping daddy.

To get her greedy whorish fill.

Feel me feed you.

Ejaculate rush, warm and wet.

My lil miss milking.

All her arse can get.

Smile for me the widest grin.

My sweetest lil miss.

And slip away to the depths.

Into your little orgasmic bliss.

4 thoughts on “Ride me

  1. This just about sums up our time together😍 You put into words our…wordless playdates. You bring to life the time we have spent with one another…and make me long to be with you again daddy. Safe in your arms, you take such loving care of me. You are the best daddy any girl could ever hope for. Ever!!! I love you💖
    #1 bestest daddddddddddddyyyyy🍭

    Liked by 1 person

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