Did you create a monster.

Did you create a monster,

By letting me be me. 

Did you foster the beast,

Set him, his mind free. 

Have you opened a can of worms,

Let the genie out of his lamp. 

Do you have the strength, the will,

To give your rubber stamp. 

For he’ll demand your use,

He’ll expect your worst. 

He’ll fuck his lil princess,

Til she’s  fit to burst. 

So my Angel,

I’ll ask once again.

Are ready for,

You’re beast of a man. 

4 thoughts on “Did you create a monster.

  1. I couldn’t have possibly created what was already there. Already within you. You are…at times shy, gentle…and at others demanding and rough. You are a delightfully complex man with a god-given ability to please women. A beast? Yes. But you are also a beauty. Your beauty is what I have fallen deeply in love with. Hmm. You also have a monstrous cock…immense. Sigh. Reading this poem has gotten me hot and bothered…… I cannot wait to be with you again!!! Maybe I will tame you?? Soothe the savage that lives within….😛😋

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