Thankyou Beauty

You make my dreams come true,

Every single day. 

With every single thing you do,

You blow my mind away. 

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

From the bottom of my heart.

For everything that you do for me,

The list I could never start.

It’d be so fucking unbelievably long, 

A tome it’s the truth.

So believe me and my gratitude,

And when we kiss you’ll have your proof. 


3 thoughts on “Thankyou Beauty

  1. Kissy kissy Daddy💜
    I give to you as you give to me
    My love will always wrap you up snug and warm
    Snuggled, closer than close
    We both know…
    It has to be that way
    This is a beautiful poem my love, thank you from the bottom of my heart
    I love you❤️

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