What Fascinates

Spooning the consomme

Our sweetness to my lips

The cozy warmth of us

On my tongue, in my mouth

Our blended bodies, our consummation

You have brought me back to life and for that I am eternally grateful

My blood drips where cupid pierced me

And salty perspiration oozes from my eyes

I am an inferno of desire

A woman…on fire

Flames surround




My dearest lovely beast…

Will you walk across my hot coal/soul?

And singe your skin upon me?

Will you scar yourself on me?

You’re only curious…

Wanting to know what fascinates…me

The human condition does


via Daily Prompt: Cozy

Fresh Breeze

Sometimes clouds gather and dump their rain.

Torrents in tears that cause great pain.

They flood thoughts of life and eternal change.

Wash away happiness, despair remains.

But like a fresh breeze, you blow them away.

You bring back the sun, the beautiful days.

You bring me the joy of a child at play.

You bring me your love, please never ever go away.

Daily Prompt: Proclivity (Leads me?)

Proclivity leads me hear again.

To draw inspiration for a new day.

To try and live my life my way.

To live as I’d like to play.

This proclivity is no habit enforced.

I’m here to spread my heart, my thoughts.

Tell the world of my love for you of course.

Something I’d shout repeatedly til hoarse.

And so proclivity, addiction, maybe both?

Draws me closer to my soul betrothed.

Brings me nearer everyday nearer to my hope.

Familiarity seals our hearts, our habits, with tight loving rope.

via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Let me alleviate your stress right now.

Let me show you the way and how.

All of your worries could suddenly cease.

Like the lifting of guilt as you confess to a priest.

All you need to do is promise to try.

And let me kneel between your thighs.

Where I shall lazily lap away.

Eating pussy, licking the strain. 

Clean from your mind as you let go.

Trust me my love, it will, I know.

Trust me and my linguistic skills.

To pull you from pain with these simple thrills.