Our play

Hot horny in need of cum,

Bent over waiting, parting your bum.

Daddy pleeeeaaase! Fuck it now!

Refuse? Jeez! You tell me how!?

So, lubed my phallus glistens bright,

Ready to enter for the first time tonight.

Ready to stretch my Beauty’s holes,

Ready to fill her very soul.

Ready to fuck her as she’d like,

Ready to save her from her plight.

So with whispered words and a gentle entré,

I pierce her slowly to start our play.


4 thoughts on “Our play

    1. Games of passion,
      Lust, sin!
      Games that leave me,
      Melting within.
      Only one girl does it,
      Makes me feel like you,
      Only one girl loves me,
      Loves me me like you do.
      Thankyou my Angelangel 😙😙
      I love you 🖤🖤🖤

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