I’m Darkness To Your Light

I’ve slapped you, pinched you,

Called you a whore.

But still my love, my angel true,

You want me even more.

I’ve taken my belt to your sweet soft skin,

Left you with bruises and welts.

But you still gaze into my eyes with love,

A look at which my heart doth melt.

I’m the beast that ravages, leaves you sore,

I’m the darkness to contrast your light.

But I’m also the man that worships you girl,

And dreams of you every night.

2 thoughts on “I’m Darkness To Your Light

  1. Our light and dark
    Shape shifts
    One to the other
    And then back
    Giving and receiving our gifts
    Sometimes they are vanilla
    Sometimes they are a rocky road
    Fucking becomes making love
    And making love become fucking
    You have ensnared me my Beautiful Man
    I am on the adventure of a lifetime with you
    And each day brings a new sexual awakening
    Best friends and lovers
    Ahem…yes…you leave me sore…
    A sweet, delicious soreness
    For which I will always beg for MORE!!!
    I love you Beast
    I adore you
    I worship you
    You have all my love

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    1. In return for your love
      I give you more
      Our cup overfloweth
      For love we’ll never be poor
      In return for you love
      I will always give you more
      For we are one my love
      Mutually adored


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