Daily Prompt: Zoo (The zoo outside)

Sometimes this world we live in,

Is like one giant zoo.

It has its dangerous animals,

And beautiful ones just like you.

It seems cruel to cage these beasts,

But maybe its for the best. 

Cos a predator on the loose,

Can’t be in our best interest.

So join me my Beauty,

Climb into my cage.

And we’ll make love in serenity,

Leave the zoo outside with its rage.

via Daily Prompt: Zoo

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Zoo (The zoo outside)

  1. There is no place I’d rather be
    Alone with you, inside our cage
    Off the streets we call the zoo
    Where we will abandon OUR rage
    Partners in life, we help each other
    This shelter we are creating….
    Our safe space
    Where we can eat the night and drink the time
    And make our dreams come true 😉
    Hehe…I LOVE YOU!!!

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