You Smell Really Good

My favorite fragrance….
“Just been fucked by beast”
Oooh…yea….spray me….
Douse me! Soak me!
Get me nice and…wet
Mmm…smells so good
Good enough to eat!!!
And it is tasty to consume…
This perfume……
This musky treat!
Made with love
As we…make love
Your skin melting into my skin
We become…just one…floating
In this HOT atmospheric cloud
I wish I could bottle this scent!
I’d wear it everyday….
On my neck…
My tits
My tummy
My pussy
My thighs
Even my toes!!!!

4 thoughts on “You Smell Really Good

  1. Eau d’ beauty
    I love that scent
    I want it everyday
    Not giving up even for lent
    Heady musk
    With a massive hint of fucked
    Made from juices
    Created, bucked
    I’ll wear it
    I’ll wear you
    So I can never forget
    What we do

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    1. I will never forget as long as I live the way you make my body cum alive. You are, by far, the sexiest man I have ever known. GAH!!! Wear me my love…squeeze into me….and wear me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!💕❤️😘

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