Daily Prompt: Black (As Black)

As Black as the liner that brings out your eyes.

As Black as the stockings that clad your thighs.

As Black as the thoughts that lurk in my mind.

As Black as the crop I’ll use once your tied.

As Black as the plug I push into your arse.

As Black as the tear streaks that o’er cheeks pass.

As Black as the threats that cut like glass.

As Black as my heart that your flesh feels at last.

via Daily Prompt: Black

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Black (As Black)

  1. In our white sheets…
    Faster our heart beats
    One another’s white angel
    We see the white light
    Your hands squeeze my white skin
    And I squeeze yours…
    As your tongue lashes its white hot sin…
    In an instant our black hearts turn white ( )
    I love you my kinky sex-fiend☠️☠️
    Thank you for writing to me, for loving me, for fucking me🖤🖤 You own me.

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