Dark Hearted Daddy

I take your wrists and tie them tight.

Your ankles too, open wide.

Open to me and my darkest desires.

My wishes to set your soul afire.

Now immobile, there’s no escape.

You will cum, at an alarming rate.

The first will be nice, the second too.

The third blurs the lines of what’s true.

The fourth has you gushing, alarmingly wet.

The fifth you start to fret.

Clit so sensitive, you might say sore.

You beg me “Daddy please no more!”

So out comes your gag to cease your whines.

Cos tonight my girl your body’s mine.

Growling in pain as six drives you insane.

Straining against bonds, trying but drained.

Then as you feel you’re truly done.

A slap on your cunt sets the tears to run.

Growling as I spank her, sore under her hood.

Truly torturous but fuck if ain’t good.

And with muffled screams comes a break in resolve.

You offer up all your being to me whole.

For which I’m eternally grateful.

Your gift and devotion eternally faithful.

And there as I untie you and set you free.

You smile and hold your dark hearted Daddy, me….

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