Sat on the sofa

You’re sat on the sofa.

Your thoughts wander to me.

Slipping your hand into your panties.

Stroking just to feel.

Feel the slick wet warmth.

The tingling up inside.

The juices coating probing fingers.

The taste of cunt sublime

You’re sat on the sofa.

In masturbatory bliss. 

Pushing yourself until you cum.

A demand of your own, your fix.


I’m Darkness To Your Light

I’ve slapped you, pinched you,

Called you a whore.

But still my love, my angel true,

You want me even more.

I’ve taken my belt to your sweet soft skin,

Left you with bruises and welts.

But you still gaze into my eyes with love,

A look at which my heart doth melt.

I’m the beast that ravages, leaves you sore,

I’m the darkness to contrast your light.

But I’m also the man that worships you girl,

And dreams of you every night.

Daily Prompt: Zoo (The zoo outside)

Sometimes this world we live in,

Is like one giant zoo.

It has its dangerous animals,

And beautiful ones just like you.

It seems cruel to cage these beasts,

But maybe its for the best. 

Cos a predator on the loose,

Can’t be in our best interest.

So join me my Beauty,

Climb into my cage.

And we’ll make love in serenity,

Leave the zoo outside with its rage.

via Daily Prompt: Zoo

Our play

Hot horny in need of cum,

Bent over waiting, parting your bum.

Daddy pleeeeaaase! Fuck it now!

Refuse? Jeez! You tell me how!?

So, lubed my phallus glistens bright,

Ready to enter for the first time tonight.

Ready to stretch my Beauty’s holes,

Ready to fill her very soul.

Ready to fuck her as she’d like,

Ready to save her from her plight.

So with whispered words and a gentle entré,

I pierce her slowly to start our play.