Purge me, beat me,

Rip out my sin.

Drag it forth through tears,

Pouring from within.

Tie me, bind me,

Batter out my confession.

Offer absolution,

For every indiscretion.

Hurt me, sting me,

Replace the emptiness inside.

Give me reason,

For this purposeless life.

Fill me, fuck me,

Lift up my black heart.

Rebuild me in your image,

Through pain hit restart.

2 thoughts on “Restart

  1. Yes Beast.
    We are one.
    My deja vu…is really you.
    This has brought tears to my eyes.
    You understand. You truly do.
    You slay me.
    I lay before your feet, as a showing of my fidelity. My love. My trust. My admiration. My weakness. My strength.
    Thank you my love, you are my miracle.
    Forever ☠️☠️

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