My Beautiful Meadow

The epiphany of you

Inside the shelter of me

Feeling around in our dark

Trying to be quiet…

But we can’t stop our sound

You have the tongue

And you hold the power

I pull up my pants…

And my passion becomes crushed

You pull them down…

And set me free

Delving into the depths of our mutual Gratitude

Our bond, our wed-lock

I am the meaning

You are the home

And it is so very, very sweet

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Meadow

  1. No matter how dark.
    I’ll find my way home.
    I’ll fumble with touch.
    And find my betrothed.
    For our pastures fertile.
    Lit with our gift.
    Can never be broken.
    By seas or rifts.
    We will find each other.
    In everyday.
    We will feel forever.
    In forever we’ll stay

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