Will to last

The sensual slip of languid tongue.

Bringing forth a host that throngs.

Sparks flash through synaptic paths.

Tingling flesh, heart racing fast.

Pulling me in, hands in my hair.

Don’t you fucking stop, there, yes there!

Flailing tongue, moistened clit.

Orgasmic release, mind cracked open, split.

Shuddering to warmth, a glow so sweet.

A loving look as gazes meet.

Pulling me up with a need to taste.

Lips and tongues leave nothing to waste.

How do you do it you lovingly ask?

With care, with love, and the will to last.

2 thoughts on “Will to last

  1. Beast….
    You don’t just write hot-erotica
    You live it with me, we are living it together
    Your will to last….extends beyond sucking on my clit though!
    Your big beautiful cock…….has its own will to last…..(omg!)
    And last
    And last…..
    Perfection. True perfection.
    I am the luckiest woman on Earth. Truly. You are a fucking stud.
    I am keeping you.
    I am never letting you go.
    Thank you for loving me…the way I love you.
    Caring, Loving….we both have a will to last
    Please keep writing!!!!
    MORE!!!!! Please my love. Please!

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