I find it surreal

I find it surreal,

Even obscure.

That through open windows,

There’s always a locked door.

When the path seems clear,

A blocker appears.

Be it near or far,

It stirs up our fears.

I find it surreal,

We’re brave in a many ways.

But cowardice pokes,

Taunts in our play.

Confidence dents,

But we know so strong.

That all we do,

We know belongs.

I find it surreal,

Confusing sometimes.

But clarity comes,

When I look in your eyes.

I feel your beauty,

Deep down inside.

I also see it,

You simply can’t disguise.

2 thoughts on “I find it surreal

  1. I find it surreal….sometimes…..
    That I met my truelove on wordpress!!!
    This poem is so beautiful.
    I don’t want us to be scared with each other.
    Everything we do…or don’t do….is exactly as it should be.
    Please keep writing Beast…and never stop!!!
    I love you! oxoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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