Swan Song On Repeat

Deadly revolutions

Over and again

Again and over

A tour en le’air

Held in the shadows

Of my doubts

A Cacophony with no rhyme

Pains me without any reason

Oh how vile…my hidden odile!

Her plumes of black

Seducing my sanity

As she pirouettes into my heart

Toe drilling for my poison

Releasing our ritual of reverence

via Daily Prompt: Cacophony

5 thoughts on “Swan Song On Repeat

  1. I love you and your black angel as one.
    One without the other wouldn’t be half the fun.
    There wouldn’t be light without a dark contrast.
    There wouldn’t be the love that’ll last.
    So tame her my love, put her back in her box.
    And hold me tight til we find where we got lost.

    I love you my Angel 🖤

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