Unreleased sickness

We’re gonna get sick

Tasting the dirt

We will swallow all that is wrong

Digesting each other’s gamey release

We’re gonna get sick

And lick up the last drip

As we grind into the hurt and pain we’ve been given

Too much is never going to be enough

We’re gonna get sick

Tunneling deeper into our dark than before

We won’t see the imaginary lines

Or feel them when they cut into our flesh

We’re gonna get sick

I can’t stop you


You can’t stop me

via Daily Prompt: Release

3 thoughts on “Unreleased sickness

  1. I’ll never be sick
    Sick of you
    You cure my ills
    I’ll cure yours too
    No matter which plague
    Infects us both
    We’ll ride right through
    We’ll laugh and boast
    For true love
    Sustains you see
    Providing a cure
    To both you and me

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