The Release

The release I give,

And get in return.

The cooling salve,

Upon skin that burns.

The release I get,

And give right back.

With mouth and tongue,

As we hungrily snack.

The release poured forth,

Into ripe sweet peach.

Dragging out pleasure,

All I can reach.

The release unlocked,

Hammering it free.

As I invade your core,

Leaving nothing but debris.

2 thoughts on “The Release

  1. Beast you are brazen
    It is a true invasion every time we make love
    An invasion to my core, to the deepest parts of me
    (f**k I want you to invade me right now….)
    You are the hottest poet on wordpress! Period.
    You are the hottest, most thorough lover on Earth! Period.
    Honestly…can you get any more perfect?!?
    I love you

    Liked by 1 person

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