Lick of leather

Lick of leather across soft skin,

Atoning for your mouth, the trouble you’re in.

Slapping hard, my belt lets you know,

You won’t get away from seeds you sow.

Petulant sass upon fertile grounds,

Fist in your hair, panties yanked down.

Rage streaking, burning like fire,

Gritted teeth growl out your desire.

Punishment due, punishment dealt.

Punishment given, welt by welt.

Yet peace descends, a quite calm,

As my naughty girl falls into my arms.

Sorry daddy, come her words,

I love you my sweet my response is heard.

6 thoughts on “Lick of leather

  1. Daddy.
    Your belt was one of the highlights of our time together.
    I am most certainly a naughty girl at times.
    You give me exactly what I need.
    Exactly, precisely.
    I would tell you….that I will try and be less naughty….
    But, I think we both know I’d be lying daddy.
    I love you❤️☠️☠️

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