Love’s Gray

Dark to light then light to dark

Swirling around

Our black, our white

Yes, my love…a cuppa tea, please

The bitter mixed with the sweet

Circling a vortex between our thighs

Slurping and sipping

Making music to our ears…we listen

Making melody to our movement…we feel

Making love to our souls…we live

Gasping for our breaths…

Grasping for each one of those little deaths

Until finally, we are blended

Shaded in by love’s gray

5 thoughts on “Love’s Gray

  1. Greys so abundant
    That colours pour forth
    A rainbow born
    Through passion’s sheer force
    Should I dress for the occasion
    Gender nulled for a night
    Green’s netted flesh
    Pink failing to hide out of sight
    Vibrato storms
    Wash filth into you lips
    Licking up remnants
    Of what some might call sick
    But rules shall not bind us
    Laws we have none
    For our love is limited
    Coloured by pure fun

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    1. Beast…you are kinky-as-fuck😛
      My mirror in every way…
      Our only rule: To each other we remain faithful 😘
      Oh my pervy twin!
      To be united as one with you…
      There is nothing sweeter in life.
      Your devotion to me, I mirror back to you
      I love you❤️

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