The Lull ’til Bye

We’re balancing…

On opposite ends of the beam

With love that glitters

Not bound by blood

But lust instead

Helpless to Deny

The moon’s rays

Penetrating our flesh

Quiet is the night…

Lonely is the night…

Wanting is the night…

The sweat is what stings

The need is what burns

Our sex is what aches



Blissful unawareness

via Daily Prompt: Deny

3 thoughts on “The Lull ’til Bye

  1. Dream sweet dreams
    Sting no more
    For our love
    Can and will endure
    You’re mine
    I’m yours
    Each other
    Forever adored
    So soothe a salve
    Sting no more
    Dream sweet dreams
    Til day breaks, dawn

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