Plucking Wings

Breathing in red heat
Oh…it’s in me alright
Pulling the thread…
Or is it a feather?
I’m creating the pain
And deriving the pleasure
One by one…
An angel’s wings
Getting me to you
I dared to conjure
And for once felt free
For this angel on my back
Controls the devil on my front

6 thoughts on “Plucking Wings

  1. You are the angel,
    That my devil will corrupt.
    You are the Beauty,
    This Beast will fuck.
    You are the light,
    My darkness will eclipse.
    You are the welcome home,
    For my passionate whip.
    You are my object of my desires,
    You are the fuel to my burning fire.
    And it’s with you I can tell,
    I’ll walk with through gates to eventually dwell.
    Yet to see where we’re bound,
    Under or over this torrid life’s ground.

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