Daily Prompt: Disobey (Would you disobey me?)

Will you disobey me?

Would you even dare?

Would you take a chance,

A chance I might not care?

Would you disobey me?

Or would you duly comply?

For you hold the knowledge,

You know the reasons why.

Would you disobey me?

Risk the threat of pain.

For you know in surety,

I’m a stickler in possession of a cane.

Would you disobey me?

Just to feel the sting?

Bent over giving,

Repentance for your sins.


via Daily Prompt: Disobey

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Disobey (Would you disobey me?)

  1. I might just do…that
    So you can punish my cat
    She’s turned into a real bitch
    I wonder if he used an extra stitch?😝
    You are always so gracious…
    Even when I am contumacious😍
    I love you beast…you and your devilish mind💘❤️💘

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      1. When we met…
        I did feel that you held back,
        That the hunger within…
        You kept at bay.
        Am I right?
        Is it rough sex you desire?
        Will that put out your fire….?
        That is until I put the cravings back…
        In your mind, your soul, and your body?
        Is it disobedience you truly seek?
        Or…would compliance work better?
        Be more…satisfying?
        Having me open and accept all that you have to give.
        Do I think you will corrupt me?
        You already have.
        As I have corrupted you.
        For it has become less about just ‘fucking’ and more about delving into one another’s minds….
        Our minds are where all the fun starts.
        Our bodies…are just the means to our ends. Thank you for being my best friend❤️ I love you beast 😘

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      2. I love your mind.
        It reflects mine.
        Willing to try.
        I love what you gave.
        More I crave.
        And I love
        That you are brave.
        Your right in a way.
        I held back some play.
        Cos I didn’t want eviction
        Of where we’d stayed.
        But fear not.
        You’ll get the lot.
        All I’ve got.
        I love you.
        Open laid bare.
        You have me.
        And all I’d share.

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