Daily Prompt: Educate (My Lesson)

Come hither my sweet little miss.

Let me educate you in the ways of pure lust.

Learn lessons of the carnal kind.

Learn the real meaning of unadulterated trust.

Close your eyes as silk scarf blinds.

Bend over the table to which I’ll bind.

Brace yourself as I fervently administer.

A thrashing that some might consider sinister.

But you are not amongst those dear.

You’re a good girl that wants to learn without fear.

How blissfully pleasurable pain can be.

How blissfully pleasurable a lesson with me.

So come hither my curious little miss.

Let me educate you in sweet sadistic ways.

Let me teach a lesson you’ll want.

And after lavish you with warranted praise.

via Daily Prompt: Educate

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Educate (My Lesson)

  1. I am your eager pupil
    Without much of a scruple
    You have opened me like a book
    WIth just one look…
    For I am your willing student
    And I trust you will not be imprudent
    For what you are teaching me…
    What you helping me see…
    Is that you are without any doubt
    The hottest lover on this planet!!
    Your skills I will forever tout…
    As well as your perfect dick made of granite…
    Our classroom is designed for just us two though
    Daddy and me!
    I can’t wait for the lesson on how to blow…
    I’m ready daddy! Down on my knees….


    1. My good good girl…
      My student extraordinaire
      Don’t forget my sweet
      To piggy up your hair
      Daddy likes something to hold
      As your arse and mouth he scolds
      With cock and crop we’ll play
      The lessons of the day
      I can’t wait my love
      To do all the above
      My only student it’s clear
      You have nothing to fear

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      1. Your commitment to me
        Turns me on…😺
        You always let the world see
        That you are my Don Juan
        And mine alone…
        You are genuine to the bone
        Honest and gentle.
        Meeting you wasn’t accidental
        We were meant to be
        Me for you, you for me❤️
        I love you beast…
        Of course I’ll piggy my hair
        I’ll also open my thighs for you to feast
        That is…if you dare….
        Now I’m thinking about your tongue
        And it’s many talents….
        You are marvelous…thank you for being mine😍❤️😍❤️😍😍😍❤️😍💘💘
        Forever B&b

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