I want for nothing in this world.

That is except for you.

I’ll always want more of my beauty.

I’ll always want more it’s true.

For I could never get enough.

Be happy with what I receive.

For I want you I need you I do.

I’ll never ever perceive.

That you would ever say no to me.

There isn’t any more.

So keep leaving me a little short.

Always wanting more of what I adore. 


9 thoughts on “More

  1. I know you just asked
    You’ve given me a task…
    You want me to hold back
    Create a little slack…?
    Keep you cumming back…
    And coming back…?
    Tease a bit, make you want more
    Until the fire burns your very core…
    I’m sorry daddy, I can’t comply
    I’m not gonna lie…
    I will never withhold
    From me you will never feel cold
    My arms and heart are open wide
    My gooey love will always be supplied
    We’re in the same boat beast
    You have one oar, I have the other
    We are both rowing to more☠️☠️

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