Loving you, making you real

You are my fantasy

That is the reality

Beast…your beauty is ethereal

And altogether venereal

For you, I have unbearable urges

That are creating super-power surges

You are words I Memorize

You are music I make

You are love I give

You are love I take

You are pleasure I derive

You are the only man I desire

If I could live in your skin…

That still wouldn’t be close enough

To your seductive wolfish grin…

Your strong, sexy scruff…

I want to make love to your entire body

Inch by inch, only using my tongue

Nothing we do with each other is naughty…

F**king like we are rabbits

We are made real by each other’s love

I want to take the breath from your lung

And replace it with the essence of me

I want to be the only woman you want to see

Our sexual attraction is off the charts

Two of a kind, two beautiful hearts

You are my fantasy

That is the reality

I love you Beast. More today, right now, then ever.

via Daily Prompt: Memorize

4 thoughts on “Loving you, making you real

  1. You’re in my beauty
    Deep inside of me
    I don’t just mean
    You have my heart
    You have my eyes
    You are my forever
    You are mine
    I love you more
    That’s not something I say
    Throw away
    You are all
    Everything to me
    You are my love
    My future, to be

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    1. Towards you I flex
      You are my moon and sun
      My body, soul, and thought
      Of course we’re not just sex
      We were two, now one
      Tied together in life’s knot
      I love you beast❤️❤️
      Forever is forever ☠️☠️

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