Daily Prompt: Pamper (Mutually Pampered)

I’ll pamper you my sweet lil miss.

I’ll hold you, hug you, snuggle, kiss.

I’ll give you all your heart desires.

I’ll take you to places, lift you higher.

This I’d do, I’d do for you.

Because I know you’d pamper me too.

That’s not to say I give to receive.

I just know you’d give like me.

For mutual love means we’ll both try.

To pamper and please til time itself dies.

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A Slow Burning Fire

Some days require more.

Some days no need for the boar.

Some days time is required.

For gentle love, a slow burning fire.

Some days a tender caress.

Some days soft kisses instead.

Some days the beast must retire.

For gentle love, a slow burning fire.

Some days passions will build.

Some days lust is stilled.

Some days will soar higher than higher.

With gentle love, a slow burning fire.


I want

I want to fill your cunt with cum.

Roll you over, fill your bum.

I won’t stop there, I’m not done.

That’s just the start of my fun.

I want my cock in your mouth.

Choking, gagging, spitting out.

I want you in every single way.

My own sex slave, my toy to play.

Tell me, does it feel good to read?

That for you, I have this need.

Does it get you wet, as it hardens me?

It’s not long now beauty, until I’ll see.


Daily Prompt: Leaf (Our Book)

I’ll take a leaf from your book.

If you take a leaf from mine.

I’ll write chapter after chapter.

If you please find the time.

To give me the inspiration.

That you have done up to now.

If you bring me the insight.

The factor known as wow!

So help me write our next page.

Aid as we present readers a hook.

That’ll have them turning each and every leaf.

Of our true love’s book.

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