The Thought Flickers

The thought flickers

Naked in my knickers

Oooh yea…

I’m going to sip the poison

And stop my heart…!

I’ll no longer be here

But not there either

Sadness grips hard

And shifts me

Into reverse

I’m in Solitary pain

As I sit here and strain

My depression

Is sinking me into a depression

via Daily Prompt: Solitary

3 thoughts on “The Thought Flickers

  1. I wish it were me,
    That’d bear this pain.
    I wish that I,
    Was marked with its stain.
    I love you beauty,
    I always will.
    I kills me inside,
    To read such ills.
    Let me be,
    Your pillar of strength.
    Hold me, my hand,
    Til pain’s toll’s spent.

    I love you ❤

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