Adrenaline #4

As John gently caressed Tabitha’s soft smooth arse he stroked his cock til he was as hard as he could possibly be. He then grasped it at it’s base and guided it’s head to Tabby’s swollen, wet, and somewhat redened labia. At first he used his bulging glans to rub down over her sensitive clit, Tabby felt his fleshy caress and knew what it was. She rested her face onto the cotton sheet and smiled a satisfied smile. As always, after her punishment came pleasure. Today was hard, today John had teased her, drawn her to the edge and pulled her back again and again. Now her demeanour was one of relief and warm comfort. Now she knew she’d finally get her just desserts, now she knew she’d finally cum.

“Is this what you want my love?” John asked as he slowly parted her labia lips with his phallic probe. Tabby tried to push back onto him to take him in but her bonds wouldn’t allow it. So instead a soft low sexy hum of  “Uh huh…” answered him. John pushed in so just the head of his ample cock rested inside his needful captive. She gasped as her sensitive vagina took him in with ease, she was wet, so wet, she was ready to be fucked, she needed to be fucked. John teased her by pulling out and reentering just his head deep. It felt good to both but Tabby wanted more, she was now desperate for more.

Eventually she could take no more of this teasing and so decided to call John’s bluff. She pulled forward and withdrew her pussy from the engagement. “You either fuck me or you don’t!” She said determinedly with frustration shaking her to her core. John laughed out loud, he’d succeeded, he had driven his slave mad with promises of what she’d anticipated and withdrawn at every stage. John pondered calling her bluff but decided not to. So he used her lace bra as he’d always intended, he reached for it grasped it in one hand and pulled her back up to where he wanted her, where she also wanted to be. He pulled her back against her restraints and pushed his bulging cock back into her needy pussy.

His whole length slid in easily, he’d never felt her this wet before, this ready for him. Tabby groaned into the clean cotton sheets as she was almost overwhelmed with pleasure and relief. At last she was getting what she so wanted, at last he would stop his games and deliver her to bliss. John didn’t mess around he too was ready, it was fun teasing her but the self control required was also torturous to him. One hand grasped the flesh on her hip, the other held the lace band that was now pulling down off her chest. He rammed into her over and over seemingly harder with every thrust. His pelvis was smashing into hers through her muscular buttocks, her eyes were open wide her mouth wider still as she had whimpered cries thrust out of her. John was like an animal, this wasn’t gentle, this was feral in it’s ferocity, he was like a beast, fucking her like an animal.

He put a foot up onto the bed and his leg over her arse and somehow managed to get himself even deeper into Tabby’s core. “Fu..u.u..uuck!” She screamed into the mattress as she felt the thin shoulder straps of her pretty lace bra cut into her shoulders before finally snapping and letting go. He was pummeling her now, both hands held the lace band and gave him a handle on which he hauled himself in harder and harder. Tabitha was losing her mind, she was simply oblivious of all but the flesh that was hammering out wave after ecstatic wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her dam broke and her juices gushed out down her thighs with squelch after filthy squelch. “Nononononononoooo!” She cried as she shook her head furiously not wanting the feeling to end and as she spawned into another even more tumultuous mind blowing orgasm John came. He thrust in hard, one, two, three, four, five blows, that would leave bruises on both their bodies. He could barely catch his breath as he let go of the ruined bra that was now a belt around Tabby’s hips. He staggered back and pulled out of his partner, letting their sex ooze out of her swollen battered cunt.

“Fuck!” He whispered as his senses returned. “Are you okay?” He asked concerned as he realised he’d lost himself to the moment. Tabby just laughed, giggled and chuckled as she too was coming to her senses. “Well? ” John queried with genuine concern as he led next to her bound form. “YOU!” She half shouted through uncontrolled laughter. “Me?” John smiled as her saw the delight in her eyes. “You…” she said again as the adrenaline in her body drained and she quietened. “You are way scarier than any fucking bear!” She smiled. “Now untie me and hold me.” 

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