Adrenaline #3

Tabitha didn’t answer at first, she knew her Master, she knew that whatever she said he’d find a way to manipulate her words to his own ends. She thought for a few moments longer before feeling a short sharp tap of the leather crop tip on her bare vulnerable arse. “Owww!” She protested the sudden stinging tap. “Well? Which is it?” Came John’s question ignoring her complaint. “The Bear!” Tabby blurted out hurriedly trying to please him. “Really?” John said pouting Β and knodding appreciatively. He placed four fingers between Tabby’s thighs and slowly circled his flat hand over her clit. “Yes… I don’t suppose a bear would do this, make you feel good like this?” He said as he softly stroked his captives warm sex. “No Master.” She replied as she eased back onto his hand loving the touch that was wetting her pussy and desire.

John gently stroked and as he did he ever so slowly moved his hand back away from Tabby’s clit. Tabby moved back with it until she felt her bonds stop her. But John still slowly pulled away until to her absolute horror and frustration she felt him no more. “Noooooo….!” She moaned mournfully. “Please, more!” She begged. “More?” John asked. “Yeeeees!” Tabby implored. And with that plea John gave her not the caress that had aroused her so much but a swift widely arched swipe with the crop. The entire length of the shaft bit across her buttocks, so hard it made it through to her sensitive swollen clit. “Fuck!” She cried out as the line felt like fire across her arse. Her clit felt a dull ache that penetrated to her gut as she growled into the bed.

John knelt behind his muse, he pushed his face into Tabby’s pussy. He took a deep breath filling his lungs with her essence before softly licking up over her aching clit. Tabby closed her eyes and sighed away the pain that was there just a moment before. John slowly, gently, lazily teased her again, she found herself in the grasp of bliss as he sucked her nearer to climax. She again stretched out pulling against the rope savouring the contrast between the rough burn of the bonds and the gentle work of John’s mouth. She began to shake and was on the brink when John stopped. “Nooooo…. Noooo! Please!” Tabby begged distraught as her orgasm was stolen from her.Β 

John smiled, it was almost too good to hear here pleas, she needed what he could give, she needed to cum. He sat and listened to her brat like whimpers before starting to softly tap her glistening labia with the crops tip. It felt good as he heard Tabitha’s tone change and how she slowly rotated her pelvis. He started tapping a little harder and faster, Tabby reacted meeting his pace, her breathing quickened and each blow brought small shocks of pleasure. She was there again, she was about to cum when WHAM! He hit once, he hit hard and Tabitha screamed out in agony. It was too much, Tabby pushed her face into the bed and screamed angry frustrated tears. John stood up and tossed the crop beside his Slave, he stripped off his shirt and pants. His cock was erect, bulging, he was ready and so was his girl. Β He drew fingers softly over Tabby’s arse, she calmed slowly and turned her head to listen to John whispering softly “Sssshhhh baby, ssshhh…”

4 thoughts on “Adrenaline #3

  1. πŸ˜›OMG beeeeeeeeeeeeast!!πŸ’¦
    We’re doing this.
    I need you……
    I love you so very much❀️❀️❀️
    You are an exceptional writer. Some stuff we’ve done already….but there is so much more for us to do❀️😘😍hehe. I’m horny. Right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe we will my love… all of it…

      Liked by 1 person

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