My Oyster Rubbing On Your Swirls

Your love is my cloister

My pearl in the oyster

My wish upon a star

My lightening in a jar

The deeper my secrets, the darker my hell

Immediately Enamored by you, under your spell

Is it adoration for none…?

Or adoration for one…?

Gojira pummels my skull

Its slicing metal the opposite of dull

I’m living life like a ‘free-range’ chicken

The fo(u)wl oxymoron leaving me stricken

I’m trying to erase my thought bubble

And just remember the feel of your stubble

Or was it mine you felt?

When your tongue was making me melt…

We could empty the bag of doritos…

Let the chips fall where they…may-be onto our toes

I want more control over us though

I need you to know…

You are a sight to behold

Not like the kind the song told

The kind that has me love-locked

It’s my world Beast…that you have completely rocked

I can’t be with you tomorrow

For that, I am filled with the deepest of sorrow

Tonight I am crying tears of cold blood

My heart broke a bit, caused the wet flood

My lips drip with my red rain

My crimson tide of pain

I long to be enough…

Your overseas fantasy, now with a hairy muff

I want to go back to how we were

When you made me cum with a loud purrrrr

I want to be your forever girl

The only one that kinks-out on those swirls

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Our love’s net

We live our love upon the cloud.

Held apart through this world’s crowd.

But somehow you heard me crying out loud.

Somehow I lifted off your shroud.

We live our love in the net.

Held apart, but wait, and yet.

Somehow you feel me, I make you wet.

Somehow you feel the feelings I get.

We live our love virtually, yes we do.

Held apart for now it’s true.

But somehow my beauty, sometime soon.

Somehow my love, I’ll make my way to you.


Daily Prompt: Magnetic (Eye contact)

Your eyes shine in the glimmering light.
Your smile captivates me, dominates my sight. 
Your beauty holds me, your love enslaves.
I’ll love you my beauty, until the grave.

Is it an optical illusion when our irises lock?
For that shine you see, that fluorescence in the dark…
Is actually you, reflected inside of me.
The body can’t lie,
The body can’t deny.
My truth is a magnetic clock,
One your revolving hands spark,
Every time they touch the apex of my thigh.
I’ll love you my Beast, until the day I die.
 Beauty & Beast together again, writing of our shared true love ❤

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic


Buckshot Has A Voice

Your words…

Are your weapons of choice

Who knew buckshot had a voice…

You’ve made sure the shrapnel is deeply buried

A cellular pain that must be carried

How much more can I take…

Before I bend so far, I snap and break?

I’m out of my head tonight

I’ve conceded the fight

But the question’s remain

In my mind, they are a permanent stain

The what if’s?

The how’s?

The when’s?

The where’s?

Impossibility has punctured my tranquility

It’s needling need…a junkie’s disability

My heart-burns with destructive despair

And no amount of antacid

Can clean it’s toxic air

Right now, nothing is placid

Daily Prompt: Solitary (Prisons of our own making)

We’re all locked in cells of our own making.

Sometimes solitary, all alone.

Other times confined with others in life.

In prisons we’d oft call home.

A few of us decide, no, no more.

This unhappy sententence is unwarranted, unjust.

And with courage, conviction and a leap of faith.

Break free into the arms of those they trust.

So hear my words through prison walls.

Don’t give up on your heartfelt dreams.

For when love’s opportunities arise.

The walls might not be as high as they seem.

via Daily Prompt: Solitary