Adrenaline #1

John ran into the cabin behind Tabitha, closed the door and fumbled to lock it. “What the fuck was that Tabby!?” He asked incredulously. “That was living John!” Tabby laughed falling back onto the small room’s bed. “No! That’s asking to get killed for fucks sake!” He countered annoyed at her flippant attitude. “You threw a rock at a fucking bear!” He continued as he looked out through the window to see if the beast was about to break down the door. “John, we’re safe, we’re in here now!” She said in an attempt to reassure her shaken boyfriend. He turned to see his girlfriend push up onto her elbows and tilt her pretty slender face to one side, smile and say “And tell me your heart isn’t thumping, tell me you don’t feel amazing!?” He looked at her and couldn’t help agreeing inwardly, yes, he felt great, if somewhat shaken. “I can think of other ways to get a rush though.” He softened his demeanour to return her smile as his adrenaline levels lessened. “Oh really? How?” Tabby asked with a provocative expression knowing exactly what he meant. John didn’t say a word he just grinned and walked to the suitcase on the ottoman at the beds foot, lifted the lid and pulled out a bundle of rope and a riding crop. “Get naked and I’ll show you.” He smiled slapping the crop down onto the beds oldy worldy brass frame.

4 thoughts on “Adrenaline #1

  1. hehe….daddy!!! I cannot wait for installment #2……
    Reading you makes me…want you daddy. Badly….
    You are such a talented writer…
    I LOVE YOU!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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