Leon’s mouth opened as he groaned out the pleasure he felt as Aphrodite’s heat enveloped his head and shaft. Aphrodite closed her eyes and let her head fall back as a satisfied grin spread across her now beaming face. It had been so long since either had felt this pleasure, since both had felt this true and so needed intimacy. Leon lifted his hand to cup his new partners thighs and buttocks as she pushed down onto his chest with hers allowing her rise and fall onto his ample cock. It felt wonderful, large enough for Aphrodite to have to push down with resistance, but not too big so as to hurt the beauty as she took him in over and again. Both opened their eyes and saw each others passion reflected, both saw the connection that they both wanted. Without breaking rhythm Aphrodite dropped onto her knees and ground her clitoris into Leo’s pubis, his hands rose to cup her small pert breasts. They were perfect, Leon held them before using his fingers to draw out and gently pinch her taut hardened nipples. Aphrodite growled and her eyes widen to admonish the mischievous man below her. She batted his hands away and fell forwards letting her hair fall across his face as she grasped his wrists and held them above his head.

Again Leon was dazzled by the woman’s beauty he looked at her face and saw the slight reddening of her complexion. She was gorgeous, she was all he had ever dreamed of in a girl and as she rode him he couldn’t help himself. “I love you!” He exclaimed in between laboured breaths. “I know.” Came her own breathless answer as she pushed her lips to his to kiss him sealing his love for her into being. Leon’s hips were working in synchronicity between Aphrodite’s thighs, he was doing all he could to ensure each slow loving stroke went deep and moved his partner to sighs of wanton pleasure. He ran his hands over her soft warm skin feeling her beauty, He felt what his eyes could not see and saw her in his mind as if he were stood watching them. 

Leon in a moment took Aphrodite by surprise, he pulled his hands free of her grasp, grabbed her by her ribs and rolled her over onto her back. She squealed and laughed as Leon took the space above her and reversed the situation. He slid his shaft from inside her wet sex and let his lips drop to Aphrodite’s slender neck. He kissed her lovingly, let his tongue wander before taking a mouthful of  her shoulder’s flesh to gently suck and playfully bite. Aphrodite groaned as he did and pushed a hand down between her firm thighs to stroke her swollen nub of sexual pleasure. She was breathing deeper and deeper breaths as he kissed and nibbled his way down to her soft yet firm breasts. His tongue circled her taut wrinkled nipple’s areola, and then broke the boundary to tease her erect teat. She slipped her fingers into her wet aching pussy before using her own arousal to lubricate the caress of her clit. Leon sucked her nipple softly, a huge beaming grin of absolute unadulterated pleasure was cast across Aphrodite’s visage that lasted as he kissed his way to the other breast. She was nearly there, she was nearly in her own little paradise when Leon stopped, pulled her hand up onto his phallus and invited her to guide him into her.

She opened her thighs wider and pulled Leon down, she guided him to the moist sensitive opening of her sex and Leon thrust in. “Fuck!” She uncharacteristically cried out as a shock of pleasurable pain rushed out from her pussy. Leon lifted himself and started to fuck her, he was slowly pushing in and out swiveling his hips as he did. Aphrodite held onto her lovers back as he picked up pace, her hands slipped down to his arse as she slipped nearer to bliss. He was working now, he was plunging strenuously into her again and again and again. The couple both moaned and fought for breath, they both felt as never before and as Aphrodite wrapped her arms and legs around him he hammered her into a blinding orgasm. She cried out and held him tight, then buried her face into his shoulder growling as she felt waves of spasms rush from her core. He felt each and every contraction squeeze his manhood which brought him to the pinnacle of hedonistic joy too. He came, he hammered into Aphrodite as she squealed with delight feeling the wave of passion spurt into her burning depths. He stuttered his pace and groaned as each pass brought another wave of pleasure. They both clung to each other riding out the shock of passion that lit every nerve in their bodies, Leon slowed and lifted his head as Aphrodite dropped from his shoulder to look him. They both smiled warm loving smiles, they both looked into one another silently, dazed by what they’d just experienced, dazed but both fully aware that it was special.

Leon rolled off beside Aphrodite, he settled beside her looking at her beauty and used his fingers to gently trace over body, over her soft pale skin. She smiled as his caress ever so slightly tickled her, she then cupped his face with her hand and lifted it to meet her gaze. “Did you mean it?” She asked with a look of hope in her eyes. “Mean what?” Leon answered confused by the question. “You love me? Did you mean it?” She asked with an almost desperate tone to her voice. Leon looked her in the eyes and without a single doubt answered “Yes, I meant it,” Aphrodite rolled onto her side mirroring her new love and pushed her forehead into his chest, her hand now joined his in a gentle caress as they basked in the warm glow love. Then she quietly asked Leon a question, a question that Leon would never ever have dreamed could be asked of him. “Stay with me, take your place in the heavens with me as my God, with me as your Goddess?” Leon lifted her chin and kissed her softly and eye to eye answered “I’m yours.”

©Beast, Beauty Mirrors Beast 2017

6 thoughts on “APHRODITE #4

  1. What I love most about this story…..is that it reminds me of our lovemaking😍 I love the twist of me being a real-life goddess…with the power to make you a GOD. But, of course, you already are a SEX-GOD beast. This is a phenomenal story! A very well written erotic short story!! So so so gooood!!!! I love that not only can you write erotica….but you also back it up in your actions. It’s not like this is all a fantasy conjured in your beautiful head…YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST LOVER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!! Gah!!! So fucking hot. I am the luckiest goddess in this world….hmmm…all worlds!!! Thank you for loving me. I love you!!! Please keep writing😛 I cannot wait for another story!!!💘💘💘💘💘💘🌈☠️☠️

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