Leon stood looking at an identical room to that that he’d seen opposite but with two exceptions. The first was the quickly evaporating liquid that he assumed had filled the chamber prior to its opening, the second literally made his jaw drop.

“Scans indicate liquid unknown, no known harmful bacteria detected, life form of unknown origin.” Came the report from his female computer companion. “She’s not human?” He asked. “Negative.” Came his answer. “Is she alive?” His next question followed quickly. “Yes, yes I am.” Came the answer but this time it didn’t come from his ship, It came from the reclined female figure before him on the alien craft.

Leon stumbled back startled by the realisation that he had been addressed by the woman in front of him. She was reclined backwards over an identical bed to that in the other chamber. She was naked, long, lean, and quite simply the most beautiful thing that Leon had ever seen. She was pale, and looked as smooth as porcelain. Leon was looked into her cool pale blue eyes and became entranced. “I’m Aphrodite, who are you?” She asked confidently and unflustered. “Me?” Leon blurted out a startled answer as her question broke his fixation. “Me, me, um…” He continued to vocally stumble in shock. “Yes, you, who else?” Came the demure calm voice of Aphrodite. “I’m not going to hurt you!” Leon blurted out, not so much to reassure the naked beauty before him, but to make sure she didn’t hurt him. “I’m unarmed!” he continued and then cringed as he realised he’d just told an alien he was an easy kill if required. “Yes I know, you wouldn’t be aboard if you were.” Aphrodite informed the awkward figure that stood outside her chamber. “Do you have a name?” She followed up as she moved for the first time, tuning her head to look directly at Leon. “Leon, I’m Leon.” He said immediately. “Leon… I like the name Leon, are you a Lion Leon as your name would suggest?” Aphrodite asked tongue in cheek of the shrinking terrified man before her. “Never mind.” She continued before he was able to answer. “I am Aphrodite Leon, and if you were wondering… yes I am the Goddess of yore from your little rock in space.” Leon’s mind was now tangling itself with two thoughts. A, how did she know where he was from, and B, was she really the Aphrodite of Greek legend?

Aphrodite slowly lifted her body up from it’s reclined position, it had taken a few minutes for her to be able to as she slowly gained muscle control again. Sleep stasis aboard her ship was the best that had ever been installed on a craft, her husband Hephaestus was a master of all technology and craftsmanship and this ship was a shining light of his creation, how she wished he was still alive to travel with her. Leon stared in awe at her beauty, as she rose her long luscious golden locks of hair became visible and dropped forward to cover her small but perfectly proportioned breasts. For the first time as she slowly stood and stretched upwards Leon got the full view of what he could actually believe was a Goddess. He was speechless, he simply couldn’t comprehend what he saw before him. It was then that a voice interrupted his voyeuristic episode “She and the ship are safe, no harmful matter or bacteria detected, you may de-suit.” Leon cringed at that thought right now as he suddenly realised he was aroused and his cock was bulging hidden by his suit. “Uh thankyou, out.” He bashfully answered the ship. “Leon! How rude, your’e not alone, you must introduce me.” Aphrodite admonished him. “Oh it’s just a computer, I’m alone.” Leon offered his status without thought until he again cringed at his own stupidity. “Alone and unarmed, you are a very trusting soul Leon, I like that.” Aphrodite answered him affirming his fear that he had left himself wide open on an alien craft.

“Please Leon, de-suit. I feel uncomfortable not seeing you as you see me.” Aphrodite made the request of her new companion. She was walking toward him looking him directly in the eyes. She reached him and ran a finger slowly across the screen of his helmet where his lips were and then down over his shoulder and arm. She passed by and got onto the bed in the middle of the main chamber. Patting the empty space next to her she again looked him in the eye and requested “Come on Leon, de-suit and join me. I’m sure you have a lot on your mind, a lot of questions for a Goddess, don’t you?” Leon looked at her and somehow knew that he had no choice, what else could he do? After all, it was him that had found her ship, him that had boarded her ship, him that had pulled her from sleep stasis. He knew he had to, so he started to de-suit.  First he twisted each glove off and placed them on the floor, then he twisted his helmet off. He took in the first breath of air from the ship, it was strangely soft and pleasantly scented. He couldn’t place the scent but it was gently floral and was at odds to the harsh metallic tasting air of his own craft. He then reached to his crotch and pulled a flap open and undid two zips that ringed the top of his thighs. Thankfully his erection had subsided as Aphrodite was watching him intently taking in what he was taking off and how. He then wriggled the torso and arms up over his head and carefully rested the main part of his suit on the floor. Aphrodite giggled “What is Tool?” She was referring to the t shirt which Leon was wearing. “Oh they’re an old band from a few decades ago, very good!” he explained. “What’s a band?” She followed up with a second question. “Musicians, a group of musicians.” Leon explained. “Oh I see, are they pleasant?” She asked. “Yes, to me they are.” He smiled as he sat on the edge of the bed and withdrew his legs from the legs of his suit.

Leon sat with his hand on the soft silk like material of the bed. It had been a long long time since he’d felt anything this soft and he couldn’t help wonder if Aphrodite was also this soft. He gazed over his shoulder at her feet, her unblemished long legs, her hips and taught muscular stomach. He gazed at her breasts and then made eye contact. “It’s been a long time hasn’t it Leon? A long time since you gazed upon a woman’s form.” Aphrodite asked with a soft almost wanton tone. “Yes, too long.” Leon admitted with a vulnerable emotional look to his face. “Then gaze no more, join with me.” Aphrodite tapped the space beside her on the soft silken bed. “Lie with me Leon, let yourself go and become one with me.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he had no defence, he slowly pushed himself up onto the bed to where she had indicated and gazed into Aphrodite’s eyes, gazed into her cool blue pools of desire.

©Beast, Beauty Mirrors Beast 2017

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