Pinball Machine

I’ve felt like a pinball,

Smashing about the machine.

From joy to tears,

Innocent to obscene.

I’ve seen the score spinning,

Growing higher each day.

Then felt the tilt,

Take it away.

Bipolar in bright lights,

Octaves of sound.

Lifting me up,

Smashing me down.

I feel like a pinball,

Battered to the third degree.

Please just let me settle,

A game over with peace I need.



You are keeping me sane.

I love you.

Thankyou ❤


4 thoughts on “Pinball Machine

  1. Life is a journey, not a destination…
    Sometimes it may feel like damnation
    Other times pure bliss is its sensation.
    Emotions are like the ocean…
    Pulling us to and fro, a constant motion.
    Like the game you mention…
    Moments of happiness that seem to only increase your stress and tension.
    I love you, and your sensitive soul
    I will make you whole
    You know in your heart…
    I will never part.

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