You’re my Jailer

I’ll make your fly, the perfect fit

Lithe and tight…

Feel my sharp needle make the stitch

Look into its eye…


I smoothed out our pattern

Measured once, cut twice

Needing stronger threads to bind

Now I’m holding the tape of the Tailor


Wear me beast, a skin to skin outfit

All that makeup we do, fighting to fuck, fucking to fight…

Passion isn’t fashion without our desperation and itch

Those needs, we both have that make you scratch at my thigh…


Distance is what is making our bodies burn

Orange and purple flames, smoldering lust and spice

Engulfed in our hot love we are both blind

Reaching, grasping, holding…we are one another’s jailer

via Daily Prompt: Tailor

6 thoughts on “You’re my Jailer

  1. I see the bundle of keys.
    I never want them used to release.
    If anything I want you bound up tight.
    A gag in your mouth to quell the fight.
    I want to fuck the stay in.
    I want you captive to my whims.
    I want to love you, how I love.
    You are enough.
    My jailer yes, i am yours.
    Forever bound, to a mutual source.
    So shed a tear in captivity with me.
    Cry out now, setting love free.
    But don’t you ever dare unlock.
    And I will tighten every knot.

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    1. Which gag my love?
      The pink and blue one?
      Or…the one with nipple clamps?
      (Please oh please…the one with clamps)
      They way you want to love….
      Is exactly the kind of love I need from you…it’s the way I want to love you…
      Because I know you need it too.
      Bound as one for life…B❤️B

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