The Bubble

Blowing up the bubble

Praying it won’t burst

Knowing nothing but love

Nothing but love comes first

Sitting in the bubble

Breathing in your air

Wishing no one else was inside

Just us, an adoring pair

Escaping from the bubble

C’mon take my hand

Let’s roam this world together

Lovers and best friends

4 thoughts on “The Bubble

  1. Always me and you
    Always hand in hand…
    Blowing bubbles for fun
    We will watch them all pop…
    Knowing they are the wishes we made, that have all come true.🌈
    Then we’ll get back to me blowing you…
    Making you…burst…
    Like you did this morning….
    Which…is my wish cum true…
    Your pleasure❤️❤️💦💦

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