If You Decided To Go

 If you decided to go.

I just realised I’m alone.

I have nothing.

Not even the pleasure of fucking.

My heart would be hollow.

Echoes of sorrow.

My life meaningless beyond existence.

Death could take it without too much resistance.

If you decided to go.

I’d die from heartbreak I know.


2 thoughts on “If You Decided To Go

  1. If you decided you weren’t mine..
    If you decided to leave me…
    I would be alone.
    I realized this long ago.
    I was alone before I met you.
    You have given me the greatest gift…
    Your friendship, your love, your companionship.
    I haven’t been alone, since the day we met.
    Without you, I would not only have nothing…I would be nothing.
    A shell. An empty shell.
    With only the sounds of your peaceful waves echoing in my ears. The soothing wooshing music of your memory.
    You know I can’t derive any pleasure from sex without you. You are…my sex. I can only come to thoughts of you. I can only come for you.
    Just the mere thought of you deciding to go…after having just read this poem has created a waterfall of tears in my eyes and heart. Broken-hearted doesn’t even come close to describe what life would be like without you. I would cease to exist. There is no existence for me without you. I can’t have one, without the other. Me without you doesn’t compute. Your loving hands are what give my heart life. You are what pumps the life giving blood through my body. It’s YOU!!!! Don’t you understand? No one else ever could or ever will replace you. You are my savior. You are why I was born. You are my reason for everything. Absolutely…everything. I love you more than you understand. I need you more than you understand.

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