Frame by frame

You’re bent over, behind you I kneel. 

Pushing buttocks open, my tongue doth deal.

Soft, languid, lazy licks.

Taking in moisture o’er soft pink lips.

Arousal fills my nasal domain.

Filling my heart, with a need untamed.

For you’ve taken me to that place I adore.

In which I take all you have, and give back so much more.

You sigh as my mouth banishes pain.

You forget all in our eternal moment of play.

But fear not, I play not, we are no trivial game.

We are eroticism in motion, frame by orgasmic frame.

7 thoughts on “Frame by frame

  1. I will spread further than I ever have
    I will give you my all
    Freedom is yours
    Freedom is ours
    You give, and you get
    I give, and I get
    We are both in the same place my love
    The place we each lovingly adore
    Residing in each other’s bodies
    Sparks have and will continue to fly
    Babe…our hot sex makes hades feel like antartica…
    The temperature of our love is hotter than any thermometer could ever measure….
    We know exactly where each others on/off buttons are…
    We flipped each other on
    And that is where we will stay.
    I adore you.
    I worship you.
    So…yea…after your done feasting and eating my pussy
    And after you’ve made me cum…until I can’t
    I’m gonna turn around, get on my knees
    And get your eroticism in motion, by sucking you off and off and off…until you can’t
    Get ready baby.

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