Daily Prompt: Passenger (Blessed)

Sometimes I’ve felt like a passenger on a bus, my own life.

I’ve ridden this ride through pain and cried myself to sleep at night.

But when I met you I finally took hold of the wheel.

I took hold of my life and took a new route to how i feel.

A passenger no more now a driven soul to happiness.

Thankyou beauty for you have made me feel for once blessed.

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Passenger (Blessed)

  1. You are in the drivers seat
    Taking us down this street…
    And together we are living
    Our hearts are doing the giving
    Things we had though were impossible…
    Yet, in each other we make everything possible

    This is by far, the poem…I have most wanted you to write
    It is lovely, and personal..and beautiful.
    Solving your mysteries, curing your aliments…
    Giving you…what you have given to me…
    I have you.
    I am never hurting you, or letting you go.
    I love you with everything I am.

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