Sweet Peach

Sweet peach before me.

Please let me sample your fruit.

I promise to be gentle.

I’m not always a brute.

I promise to take my time.

To ease my way inside.

I promise to take your pace.

To climb as you would like.

Sweet peach before me.

Looking oh so soft, so ripe.

Let me pluck you from your branch.

And make love this way tonight.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Peach

  1. You are the gentlest of lovers…
    I trust you, with my….peach
    And anything else…
    You wish to eat.
    Please!! Dear lord!….PLEASE…make love to me….
    Let me die a happy, fulfilled woman…
    Having experienced love, truelove.
    You are quite literally…and figuratively the hottest sexiest man alive.
    I love you Beast. Forever.
    Thank you for loving me, for writing to me. 🙂

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