I miss you

Waking without you was hard today.

If I’m honest it’s been hard, since you went away.

I know how that dog felt, the one that waited.

Alone, wondering why I’m so deflated.

After all, you’re only away a few days.

But I miss you my beauty all the same.


10 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. Lover, you are no dog
    I know being apart was a slog
    But that is all a distant fog!
    Now…slide a little closer
    So that I can properly suck on your…big, fat….LOG!


    1. I want to be your baying back door hound.
      I want to lick to worship your ground.
      I want to lurk around your door.
      I will live of scraps if you give them and more.
      My devotion to you will forever be.
      Keep me your beast, your pet, me!

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